Since July 2016, we've given a new meaning to the word "flea"

Our Mission

TN Flea Mall provides a brand new shopping experience to the city of White House. Because we have combined the style of an antique mall and the variety of a flea market, we have different items come through our doors every day; you never know what you'll find in the Flea! Over 80 booths and 100+ vendors make up TN Flea Mall and keep our place moving and grooving. Come and see what's new in our store today!

TN Flea Mall has awesome prices, great selection, and a fabulous and friendly staff!
— Holle Wiktorek


TN Flea Mall is a large supporter of small businesses and "shopping small." Shopping at small businesses in your community not only drive the US economy, but bring unique offerings to your area you would never see in a major chain store. At TN Flea Mall, we want to make shopping a diverse and fun experience.

Meet the owners


Eddie and Heidi Harlin founded TN Flea Mall in July of 2016. With humble beginnings in the world of flea markets and antique malls, the owners have brought a unique shopping mall environment to White House, TN. "We are so thankful for the amount of growth with our business," says Eddie, "we've gone from having an empty building to a thriving business stuffed to the brim with over 120 vendors' amazing finds at reasonable prices." Eddie and Heidi are dedicated to creating a pleasurable shopping experience to all of their customers.